Bonasa Brook Llewellins

Kewanee, IL.


                             A Memorable Day of Firsts

My son Perry with his first ruffed grouse on his first Northwoods grouse hunt with my first outstanding grouse dog.    Max was a beautiful Bondhu bred Llewellin Setter who mastered the timber,  always providing  us with the "opportunity" to take limits of grouse and woodcock.  Max is long gone, but not forgotten -- the clear, resonant tones of his collar bell still ring in my memory each early October morning,  beckoning my return to the grouse coverts of the northwoods.

Bonasa Brook Llewellins
The word Bonasa means "Like a thundering herd of Bison", but Bonasa also refers to the sound of the thundering beating of wings performed during the mating ritual of Bonasa Umbellus, the Ruffed Grouse. 
I grew up hunting quail in Southern Illinois and Missouri.  Later, after moving to northern Illinois, my Llewellins and I spent as much time as possible hunting Pheasants.
My passion for Ruffed Grouse hunting came late in life when a friend invited me on a Grouse and Woodcock hunt to the Great Northwoods of Wisconsin.   I found that the Llewellin Setters I had grown up with and raised for over 30 years, and that did such a great job on Quail and Pheasant, were also fantastic Grouse dogs.  That was over 18 years ago and, even though I still hunt Pheasants and Quail as much as possible, I have devoted the bulk of my bird hunting time to hunting Ruffed Grouse and developing my Llewellin Setters to be excellent all-around gundogs. 

We are a small kennel.....I only breed my dogs every 1 or 2 years, and usually only at the request of friends, family, and/or to replenish my personal hunting companions.  I sell my well-bred  puppies  at a rate a little lower than comparable quality pups simply because we are not a long established commercial kennel.  There are some great kennels who spend a lot of time and money breeding and promoting fine Llewellins.  You cannot go wrong purchasing one of their dogs.  For this they deserve the prices they charge, and then some. However my dogs, like their's, are 100% DNA Certified Pure Llewellin Setters from the best bloodlines. My dogs, like their's, are excellent gundogs for the foot hunter that make exceptionally loyal family companions.   I am simply a bird hunter.   And if you are a bird hunter, I know my dogs will do you as proud as they do me.

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